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Sign up to win one of the copies of my new Rory Tate thriller, PLAN X, to be given away over at Goodreads! Just under two weeks left to enter, don’t delay! [Contest ends July 25.] You might win a paperback copy worth a whopping $14.99! You belong to Goodreads, don’t you? So much great reading over there, if you don’t, you should.


New review says: “I almost missed my flight because of this book–and I was sitting in the airport. Former Army bomb scene investigator and Montana police officer Cody Byrne embarks on an escapade that reaches from a lethal explosion in a Montana State University biology lab to the venerated halls of Oxford. In a race to stop a vengeful murderer, Byrne must confront not only the PTSD that lingers from her Iraq War days, she is forced to take on the heavies at MI5 and a tangle of family secrets. Read Plan X and let author Rory Tate lead you on a thrilling adventure.”

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