Shakespeare and Me

All writers owe a huge debt to William Shakespeare, whether they write in English or something else. He is, of course, just one of our storytelling forefathers but arguably the most important one. Prolific, diverse, and inventive, he truly was the most amazing playwright ever.

My new novel has a Shakespeare theme. I even wrote a few couplets (gulp.) The story involves a possibly fraudulent Renaissance or Elizabethan document, that may or may not be a Shakespeare play. The tantalizing prospect of an undiscovered play has teased Bardolators for centuries. Plus there is the fact that none of the surviving plays have ever been found in his own handwriting, only the printed folios. The only example we have of Shakespeare’s handwriting is his signature on his will.

So what if… something came to light? But strangely, no one wants it to come to light? This is the story in PLAN X. Coming out next week! To celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday in April, Goodreads made this awesome flow chart to help you read a play by the Bard. You will see ‘Two Noble Kinsmen’ in there, his last play. That’s the clue today, kind readers!

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