Show me your Nook — and get a free e-book!

Show me your Nook!

As a writer there is nothing I like more than readers. People who take a chance, who get your book in front of them, somehow, somewhere. People who like to read, who love to be transported by a story, who are willing to suspend disbelief at least momentarily to dive head-first into a tale about people a little like them, but maybe not at all.

People read for all sorts of reasons. How about the “free” reason? A bunch of writers have banded together for a holiday promo that might really work for you, especially if you have a Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader. Why are we shining a light on the Nook? Despite the overwhelming success of the Amazon Kindle, there are other e-readers out there, and the more they are successful, the more likely we all are successful as writers and as readers. People love their Nooks, and quite rightly, because they are great devices. So if you go over to one of these facebook pages or blogs and post a photo of you with your Nook, the author will send you a link to a free e-book you can load on your Nook.

My newest novel, ALL YOUR PRETTY DREAMS, is one of these books. I’m so excited to beShow Me Your Nook part of this great holiday giveaway. If you go to my Facebook page and post a photo of yourself with your Nook (or, seriously, your dog, cat, or cousin with a Nook) I will send you an e-book. Simple as that! Like romance, urban fantasy, sci fi, or thriller? Gotcha. Check it out.

➜ To claim your free Nook copy of All Your Pretty Dreams, go to my facebook page: Lise McClendon. If you haven’t “liked” my page please do it now! Then post a picture of yourself with your Nook.

✉ After you post please send me a private message with your email address and I’ll send you the e-pub file. Here’s how to put an e-pub file on your Nook without going through the Barnes & Noble Nook store.

1) Download the epub file to your computer.
2) Attach your NOOK to the computer with its USB cable.
3) A “Nook” drive will appear in My Computer (PC) or Desktop (Mac).
4) Copy and Paste, or Drag and Drop downloaded EPUB (or even PDF!) files into the My Documents folder on the Nook drive.
5) Go to My Library on the Nook, hit View My Documents, and then hit Check for New Content.
6) Choose one of the files you sideloaded into My Documents and press Select to open it.

Here are all the wonderful authors to explore! You need to post your photo on each of their blog or Facebook sites to get a copy of their book. Feel free to share this information anywhere and everywhere!

Cat Kimbriel — Fires of Nuala — Science Fiction — &
Jeffrey A. Carver — Eternity’s End — Science Fiction —
Phyllis Irene Radford — Guardian of the Balance, Merlin’s Descendants #1
— Fantasy — &
Mark Chisnell –The Defector — Thriller —
Brenda Hiatt — Lord Dearborn’s Destiny — traditional Regency romance —
Phoebe Matthews — Demonspell — contemporary fantasy —
Lorraine Bartlett — Murder On The Mind — Mystery —
Ruth Harris — Modern Women — Fiction/Chick Lit —
Doranna Durgin — Barrenlands — Fantasy —
Jennifer Stevenson — King of Hearts — romantic comedy — &
Vonda N. McIntyre — Starfarers, Book One of the Starfarers Quartet — Science Fiction —

Melanie Jackson — Moving Violation (Book 1 of the Chloe Boston Mysteries)– Mystery —

Lise McClendon — All Your Pretty Dreams — New Adult Fiction —

Have fun and happy holidays! And don’t forget to Show Me Your Nook!

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