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I would love to reach some new readers with this book, as it’s not mystery or suspense, my usual oeuvre. So I’m giving away e-book copies all week to readers who reply here. Do you love Jane Austen? Are you a big Pride and Prejudice nut (like me)? Do you like humor, young adult, family drama, music, and romance? I’ve got the book for you!

How do you know the person you’re meant to be? Do you look at your family and run the other way? Can you reject everything you were ever taught?

The push and pull of becoming an adult on your own terms is the dilemma facing Jonny Knobel in All Your Pretty Dreams. His life so far hasn’t worked out and his family wants him back to play his accordion in the polka band for the summer. He gets sucked into the family drama, and the tempting wiles of the college field team next door. The leader of the crew studying wild bees is Isabel Yancey, a rude city girl with her own baggage, including a rich family she despises.

In the spirit of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, small town life in All Your Pretty Dreams provides a rich milieu of confrontation, betrayal, humiliation, laughter, and redemption, as Jonny plays Bruce Springsteen, James Brown, and the ‘She Likes Kielbasa’ polka on his grandfather’s accordion. What does a draftsman from Minneapolis, born into a cheesy polka band, have in common with a prickly, ambitious scientist who studies bees? How badly does she want him to breach her defenses?

Romance, humor, and the heartache of growing up make All Your Pretty Dreams a unique journey through the hearts and minds of young adults searching for the keys to happiness in a complicated world. If Elizabeth Bennett had been born into a Minnesota polka band, her story would be All Your Pretty Dreams.

Lise McClendon has published eight previous novels, including Blackbird Fly and Jump Cut (written as Rory Tate.) Her writing has been praised as “a lyrical, often humorous style.” Bestselling author Michael Connelly called her writing “a richly detailed story that quite simply gets to your heart.” Her love of family dynamics and the mysterious ties that bind us together continue to inform her fiction. She first read Pride and Prejudice as a teenager, and rereads it often, considering herself a rabid Jane-ite.

“Lise McClendon expertly probes the mystery of human desires” — Michael Connelly

Give it a try, write a review. I will love you forever. ♥

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The giveaway has now closed. Thanks to all who requested copies. Look for All Your Pretty Dreams in your e-book stores next week.

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  • Wellmomma

    I would love to read All Your Pretty Dreams, I can’t wait!!!

  • Chelle s wishbone

    Would love to read and review the book! Very interested to see the differences since I’ve read the others!

    • Chelle s wishbone

      If there’s still a copy left kindle please! *fingers crossed*

  • The rewards for reading and reviewing your new book are too awesome to ignore…..undying love and a free book! Count me in. Kindle please.

  • Lara Billmark

    I would love to read it! I love all new twists on Austen & how can u go wrong with ‘polka’ in the title. Kindle copy please 🙂

  • count me in….if there are still copies available

    Kindle copy please.

  • Debbie Carroll

    I can’t wait to read, ALL YOUR PRETTY DREAMS! I’m sure this book will be just as wonderful as your others. I would love to review your book!

  • Denice Stradling

    Lise ~~ I’d love to read it and review it!

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