How cold are you: Dead of Winter, an anthology of crime tales

As they say (in “Game of Thrones”) winter is coming. In Montana it’s already here. We’ve had snow for the last three weeks, including eight inches last night alone. And cold. Damn cold.

Winter means reading for me. Huddle around the fire and crack open a new story. Short or long, fiction provides a diversion to the season. So it’s my pleasure to introduce this new short story anthology of mystery tales, Dead of Winter. My partner in crime Katy Munger and I edited this collection. All the stories are by seasoned crime writers, most of whom have been published for the last fifteen or more years. We’ve joined together as Thalia Press Authors Co-op over at our blog. You’ll recognize some of the names if you’ve read mystery fiction recently: Gary Phillips, Kate Flora, Sarah R. Shaber, Taffy Cannon, Brynn Bonner, J.D. Rhoades, as well as Katy’s alter ego, Chaz McGee, and mine, Rory Tate.

As for my story, I visit Mimi Raynard at K-POW television news again, this time set before the events of Jump Cut. Mimi is offered a little treat during a Christmas snowstorm in Seattle, when the ice makes the hills of the city impassable. Her ex has passed a source to her, but how can she get him to talk unless it’s those four-inch red stilletos? Read The Honey Trap in the new anthology, available now for Kindle and Nook. Watch for news of the paperback, coming soon.

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