Seattle music suggestions, please!

In honor of Rory Tate’s new thriller, JUMP CUT, I’m gathering up a list of Seattle’s Best Music. Songs about Seattle, or by Seattle artists, or just about rain. Here’s what I’ve got so far in no particular order. I’m really looking for help with this! Send your recommendations.

Jimi Hendrix:Sunshine of Your Love

Seattle thriller

Nirvana: About a girl

Dave Matthews Band: Crush

Death Cab for Cutie: I Will Follow You Into the Dark (Evan Phoenix’s choice)

Owl City: Hello Seattle

Waylon Jennings: The Last One to Leave Seattle (turn off the lights)

The Classic Crime: Seattle

Pearl Jam: Last Kiss or Life Wasted or Better Man

Judy Collins (or Leonard Cohen): Blue Raincoat

Broadway Calls: F**k You Seattle or Escape from Capitol Hill

Foo Fighters: Aurora

Ray Charles: Unchain My Heart

Quincy Jones: Soul Bossa Nova (Ray and Quincy knew each other as teens in Seattle)

The Postal Service: This Place is A Prison (“depressing and suffocating, so a perfect tune for when you want to wallow in the dark greyness of it all”– a Seattle escapee)

Cold: The Rain Song or The Day Seattle Died

Pink Martini: Hang on Little Tomato (Mimi Raynard’s favorite)

The Mellors: Jesus Christ Made Seattle Under Protest

Sir Mix-a-Lot: Seattle Ain’t Bullshittin’

Perry Como (or Bobby Sherman): Seattle (from the TV series, “Here Come the Brides”)

Art Garfunkel & James Taylor: Crying in the Rain (Ms. Mulroney’s choice)

I’d love to add your recommendations. Send ’em on.

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