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Actually only one new one: PAINTED TRUTH but The Bluejay Shaman is also cheaper for the Kindle. Check it out: 99 Cents for The Bluejay Shaman. They won’t let me sell it for any less than 99 cents, folks! Find out what started Alix Thorssen on her path of detective work, in Missoula and on the Flathead Indian Reservation. A slightly strange new age women’s group, a very cute policeman, and an archeological find in the wilds of Montana: all lead to an adventure that bestselling mystery writer James Crumley called, A delightful read: compellingly twisted… reminiscent of Tony Hillerman at his best.

Painted Truth is the second book in the series, the first one set in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Alix’s home. Kirkus Reviews said:  Wyoming painter Ray Tantro was a has-been at 30, but now, ten years later, he’s getting ready for a comeback. Then Timberwolf Arts burns to the ground with Ray and his paintings inside. … Will leave you gasping with admiration for the killer’s imagination and industry. McClendon knits detective work together with domestic betrayals in a satisfyingly intricate tangle.
The Armchair Detective said of PAINTED TRUTH: “Writing in a lyrical, often humorous style McClendon brings the surrounding Wyoming territories to life, and her insight into the art world is intriguing. Alix Thorssen is a charming, grouchy, quirky, and even harder on herself than she is on the people around her. The plot is a treat.”

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