"“A perfect combination of suspense and wit, with mystery weaved through. And the beauty of France, with its food, its farmers’ markets, and wine."
"A heartbreakingly beautiful story of love, loss, sisterhood, and the ties that bind us all together. —Jenny Siler, bestselling author
"“Winsome and a bit addictive: The characters and mystery, the enchanting descriptions and personal struggles drew me into feeling as if these people are my friends.”
""I just want to escape and go to France. Sipping great wine with a sexy Frenchman! A girl can dream, can't she?”

About the Author

After 30 years in print, from The Bluejay Shaman to Monsieur Moonlight, Lise still relishes telling stories about women at turning points in their lives, and the men they love. Her mysteries thrive on suspense and secrets. Click on a book for all the details, or dive into the blog. Sign up for the newsletter for all the juicy bits!


For American Merle Bennett and her French partner, Pascal d’Onscon, life in rural France is a perfect jumping off point for adventure, intrigue, romance, and mystery. MONSIEUR MOONLIGHT is number 19 in the series, following Here There and Everywhere. Read The Tomb, an epilogue of CHÂTEAU DES CORBEAUX, to follow along with elements of this story.

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