by Lise McClendon & Rory Tate

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 The Bennett Sisters novels

  1. Blackbird Fly
  2. The Girl in the Empty Dress
  3. Give Him the Ooh-la-la
  4. The Things We Said Today
  5. The Frenchman
  6. Odette and the Great Fear – bonus
  7. Upcoming! 2018

The Frenchman


Merle and Pascal — back in France.

A dreamy time of wine, sunshine, and writing.

But is France really just a ‘gastronomic Disneyland full of sunflowers?’

When Merle takes a leave-of-absence from her Legal Aid job in New York, she imagines a long stretch in La Belle France will cure all her ills. But when Pascal disappears she is forced to put aside her writing project and rally the troops to find out what happened when he met an old enemy in the vineyards.

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Blackbird_FLY=ebookBlackbird Fly



A dead husband with a secret life is always a winner (fictionally speaking, of course), but what about a secret past for a special treat? In fact, a past so secret even Harry the husband didn’t know about it. That’s the delicious underpinning of this sprawling, exuberant, generous-spirited cozy mystery with a yummy side of international adventure.

Merle sets out to claim her inheritance, adolescent son in tow, and thus begins a sojourn reminiscent of A Year in Provence, or perhaps Under The Tuscan Sun all mixed up with something by Carolyn Hart, 

maybe, or M.C. Beaton. Because Malcouziac, Merle’s tiny Dordogne town, is the quintessential village—just perfect for a murder. And a rollicking good time.

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The Girl in the Empty Dress



A bit like Eat Pray Love meets murder mystery, Lise McClendon’s second Bennett Sisters mystery chronicles the traditional hunt for priceless European truffles, the unexpected thrill of romance overseas, the ups and downs of sisterly bonding rituals, and murderous intrigue in the heart of France.

When the Bennett Sisters go on a walking tour across France, a sixth walker causes problems when she rescues a hurt dog who is more valuable than they realize.

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Give Him the Ooh-la-la



It’s Bridget Jones does Christmas in Manhattan–plus a dash of international espionage–in this romantic cozy mystery that mixes sisterly love with a world famous drag queen, a shameful family past, and an irresistible French investigator.

a novella

The Things We Said Today


Scotland, kilts, whisky, and lots and lots of rain.

The Bennett Sisters get drenched in love, intrigue, and bluebells in the newest entry in the Bennett Sisters series.


Wedding bells sound in the Scottish countryside as the Bennett sisters travel across the pond to celebrate a very special occasion… A week littered with an unexpected torrential rainstorm, a recalcitrant housekeeper, a sister who tipples, and another who chases after sketchy Frenchmen.


Thrillers by Lise McClendon – writing as Rory Tate


An international thriller for the lover of intrigue, secrets, and spies. When a cop finds a trove of ancient documents that may — or may not — be an undiscovered Shakespeare play, she follows the lead wherever it goes, to Washington, DC., and across the ocean. A character-driven, high-octane adventure for readers of John LeCarre and Daniel Silva.

“A thoughtful thriller [with] a series of murderous twists that include shocking personal discovery, Shakespearean drama and royal connections that she never could have seen coming.” — Indie Reader Approved 

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Jump Cut

Desperate for a new job Seattle TV reporter Mimi Raynard takes a friend’s advice and dresses up as a Russian Mafiya Madam for a resume tape she has no intention of sending out. At the Seattle Police Department narcotics detective Shad Mulgrew has his own career crisis when he is framed for stealing drugs from evidence. Working together to save their reputations, Mimi and Shad look for the killers of three prostitutes, from the fishing docks of Puget Sound to the tiny Republic of Moldova. At turns funny, sexy, and thrilling with an edgy modern voice, Jump Cut depicts Seattle from the inside, from the joys of Seattle single life to dark alleys, from the islands to the top of the Space Needle, as the cop and the reporter try to salvage their reputations. They end up saving much more than their careers in a wild race to rescue the city they love.  

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Adobe Photoshop PDFBeat Slay Love: One Chef’s Hunger for Delicious Revenge

by Thalia Filbert

Thalia Filbert is a pen name for five mystery writers with over 75 books published: Kate Flora, Taffy Cannon, Katy Munger, Lise McClendon, and Gary Phillips. They collaborated on this hilarious spoof of reality television cooking shows, serial killers, and foodie culture.

This incredibly sly mystery has everything you’d want when you bite into a dish: suspense, spice, and a new take on an old classic. For anyone who’s ever watched Chopped or even stopped in at Williams-Sonoma — Beat Slay Love is the perfect read.” — Bestselling author Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries 

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 All Your Pretty Dreams 

new pretty dreams 2-12When Jonny Knobel goes back to his hometown for the summer to play accordion in his family’s polka band he has no hope of fun. He’s just trying to figure out what happens next in his life. When Isabel agrees to head up the college field study on bees in rural Minnesota she too is hiding out, wondering how her life will turn out. In an unlikely meeting of opposites, as all their pretty dreams go down in flames, they find each other.

A New Adult Romance

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The Alix Thorssen Mysteries

“Set in Jackson Hole where the Old West merges with upscale art galleries and adrenaline adventures” art dealer Alix Thorssen balances her love of beauty with her drive to find justice in these four complete mystery novels, originally published in hardcover from 1994 to 2001.

From an Indian Reservation to whitewater kayaking, from the icy secrets during a winter carnival to the howl of the lone wolf, Alix – stoic, loving, and strong – strives to do her best when confronted with evil. A Montanan of Norwegian descent she is also looking for love. Like many young women she isn’t ready to settle down. There are too many adventures out there in the wild, wild West.

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The Dorie Lennox Mysteries

“One O’Clock Jump is like a time capsule, transporting a tale of murder, greed, and intrigue from vintage Kansas City into the present day. Doris Lennox is a humdinger of a private eye.”– Sue Grafton, author of ‘V is for Vengeance’

“A convincing re-creation of time, place, and a hard-nosed, emotionally scarred heroine; for all collections.” — Library Journal

“McClendon lightly handles all the threads, using a taut, staccato style that perfectly complements her edgy, skittish heroine. (“She lighted a Lucky and leaned against the wall by the ladies’ lounge. She’d seen the inside of too many nightclubs. In the dark, where anything can happen, and usually did.”) The author masterfully evokes the period, from details of dress to a rally for Wendell Willkie. This is a book to be savored read it too fast and you might miss something.” — PW

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