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Girl-in-Empty-Dress-ebook-2Pack your bags because Merle Bennett and her sisters from Blackbird Fly are going tramping around the backroads of the Dordogne. When they come across an injured dog their idyllic summer tour takes a dark turn. Who is this dog that everyone wants so badly?

Truffles, romance, wine, and intrigue.

The Girl in the Empty Dress

 the sequel to Blackbird Fly

 May 2

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PLAN X is getting some great reviews. I would love to hear what you think. Follow the link at the end of the book or go to your favorite retail site to write a short one! Thanks muchly.

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E-thrillers recently chose PLAN X as a Thriller of the Month! Here’s what their reviewer, Jane Brown, had to say:

Plan X is a mystery/crime/spy novel. The Protagonist is Bozeman Police Officer Cody Byrne who returns from a tough tour of duty in Afghanistan where she had a close encounter with an IED. She is traumatised and suffers from panic attacks (she reminded me of M R Hall’s character the Coroner Jenny Cooper).  This story crosses international borders from Montana to England and back.

It feels at first like this is just going to be a crime novel, but after an arson attack and murder at a Bozeman university this explodes, affecting Cody Byrne’s life and uncovers centuries old pages spread around the university, her family and the globe that could be part of Shakespeare’s final and unpublished drama. This could be the Shakespearean holy grail.

I enjoyed this as I warmed to Cody. There is a great mystery story entwined with an insight into M15. This is a roller coaster of a read from the first page and I was hooked. What a find.

I had not come across Rory Tate before and she is now on my wish list to read her other novels.

Rating: Highly recommended!       

Are you British?

A sizable chunk of the story takes place in London and Windsor. There’s only one lonely review on Amazon UK for PLAN X but it’s a doozy. Here’s what Peter Turnbull had to say:

This is genuinely one I couldn’t stop reading. Took it to bed last night and didn’t get any sleep, I just had to keep reading.
The main characters were brilliantly fleshed out and believable and the story just flowed. Quite a lot of investigative work with some conspiracy thrown in. A masterpiece.

Plan X on Amazon UK

You have my permission to rewrite that any way you want as long as you use the word ‘masterpiece.’ Seriously, any opinion is welcome. The more reviews a book has, the happier the author! Read a sample for free, right here.


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No matter where she sets her novels or what adventures befall her characters, one thing is certain.
Strong female characters always populate a
Lise McClendon novel.
—YVW Magazine

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