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Girl-in-Empty-Dress-ebook-2Who is that ‘Girl’?

Merle Bennett and her sisters from Blackbird Fly are going tramping around the backroads of the Dordogne. The sixth wheel, Gillian, one sister’s colleague, is annoying and rude. When they come across an injured dog their idyllic summer tour takes a dark turn. Who is this dog that everyone wants so badly, and why does Gillian want to keep it? read more

Truffles, romance, wine, & intrigue
The Girl in the Empty Dress

 the sequel to Blackbird Fly

 available now

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Reviewers are loving “The Girl”

A perfect summer read: it had mystery, romance, the complexities of family relations and the beautiful countryside in France. The author’s writing was engaging and I loved how the different storylines were interconnected.  I recommend and enjoyed this story.”Book Nerd

“I liked Lise’s writing style, loved her brilliant descriptions like: “He had the face of an ice block hardened by many winters”, [they] brought her characters alive. The situations they found themselves in often made me laugh and there was just the right amount of ooh-ing and aah-ing over the tasty French cheeses, truffles and wine to remember they were in France and loving it. I can recommend both Blackbird Fly and The Girl in the Empty Dress (Bennett Sisters Novels) as perfect summer holiday reads. I will be looking out for more Bennett Sisters Novels – French Village Diaries

No matter where she sets her novels or what adventures befall her characters, one thing is certain. Strong female characters always populate a Lise McClendon novel.                                                                           —YVW Magazine

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