Get Katy Munger's First Casey Jones for free

Posted by in Kindle on Sep 15, 2011

My fellow Thalia Press author, Katy Munger, is offering up the kindle version of her award-winning Casey Jones novel, Legwork, for free right now over at Amazon. If you have never read about Casey, a big bottle blonde with attitude in spades, you’re in for a treat. Legwork is the first in the series. Here’s what some Amazon readers had to say:

“Hilarious…It is very, very funny with sharp writing, great characters and a fantastic female detective that makes Kinsey, V.I., Stephanie etc. look like wimps.”

“Casey is a fun, man-loving, smart PI who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Don’t pass this up or the other books in the series. Katy Munger is an excellent writer and Casey is an great character you’ll want to read about over and over.”

Get on over and download Legwork, for free!

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