Lise McClendon:

Heads up on this new blog, PandoDaily. Sarah Lacy and friends write about publishing, ebooks, technology, and the internet. Good stuff.

Originally posted on PandoDaily:

It had to happen sooner or later. Paul Carr had to get something about the startup business right.

He’s been saying for years that books and publishing was going to get sexy again– and not just for wonks like us who write books and naturally care about the fortunes of the boutique industry.

If you’d asked me whether SOPA or books would drive more traffic our first week, I never would have guessed books in a million years. Books are apparently the new Lady Gaga Pantsless in Paris. (The phrase AOL once used in a memo as an example of how to get traffic…I’m not kidding.)

Likewise, I didn’t see “eBooks” on a lot of sexy stories for 2012 lists, but it’s certainly been the recurring theme of our first week live. Our story on Amazon killing the publishing business has been far and away the most popular, meanwhile Apple…

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