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It’s time for your annual adventure with the Bennett Sisters — 

off to Scotland’s Highlands for Annie’s wedding!

Wedding bells sound in the Scottish countryside as the Bennett sisters travel across the pond to celebrate a very special occasion… A week littered with an unexpected torrential rainstorm, a recalcitrant housekeeper, a sister who tipples, and another who chases after sketchy Frenchmen. 

In spite of her bohemian tendencies and protestations, Annie—the eldest Bennett sister—is finally getting hitched to Callum Logan, the man of her dreams, in the picture-postcard idyllic Scottish Highlands. The mother of the groom has generously put up the Bennett family in her Kincardie House estate, a gorgeous hunting lodge that’s been in the Logan family for generations. Annie knew Callum’s family was well-off, but she didn’t know they lived like European royalty. And the fact that Annie is fourteen years older than her husband-to-be isn’t exactly a tidbit “Mother” Logan is too fond of. That said, Annie has reservations of her own. Is it just pre-wedding jitters? Or is she really willing to relinquish her much-loved independence in her mid-50s?

Merle’s brought Pascal along for the week of jubilee, which she finds to be simultaneously thrilling and incredibly romantic… but is it excitement she’s feeling for her sister? Or doom? For his part, Pascal’s relieved to finally spend time with Merle after six long, dry months apart. But how can they continue like this, an ocean between them—his policeman’s salary hardly permitting flying over to see her on every whim… Does he have to give her up? Or should he find a new job in the States?

Five sisters, all lawyers, well-trained in the art of demanding what’s necessary.

It’s enough to drive a wedding planner to tears. Can Merle rally the troops, deal with the in-laws, and stop a powerful storm from ruining everything? She has powers of persuasion, especially when it comes to Pascal, but in Scotland she has no clue how to corral her out-of-control sisters who are hellbent on wringing every bit of drama from a bad situation.

Annie Bennett has stayed true to her motto: Stay single, stay happy. When she met handsome Scot Callum Logan she had no intentions beyond her own personal Highland fling. Then it happened: she fell in love. Annie’s doubts about marrying a much-younger man continue to plague her. Callum wants to get married in the bluebells of his native Highlands.

But does Annie want to get married at all?

Join the Bennett Sisters in another summer adventure with romance, intrigue, men in kilts, plus wine and whisky, as they navigate the treacherous waters of middle-age, self-discovery, and understanding your fears.


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